Eller Family Association1 Welcome2 John Jacob Eller Line3 Christian Eller Line4 Melchior Eller Line5 Business Meeting and Presentations6 Ef Eller, EFA Secretary 7 Business Meeting and Presentations8 Lauren Liggett, EFA President9 Presentations10 Presentations11 Presentations12 Presentations13 Presentations14 Presentations15 Presentations16 Presentations17 Presentations18 Visiting the Rowan Library19 Crane Creet at the Yadkin River20 Crane Creet at the Yadkin River21 Visiting Ms. Troutman22 Visiting Ms. Troutman23 Visiting Union Lutheran Church24 Union Lutheran Church25 Union Lutheran Church26 Union Lutheran Church27 Union Lutheran Church28 Silent Auction29 Silent Auction30 Silent Auction31 Silent Auction32 Closing Banquet 33 Closing Banquet 34 Closing Banquet 35 Closing Banquet 36 See you in July 2019.....37