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Peggy Agner Troutman
B180 Bingle Ferry Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146

Correction: THE ELLER CHRONICLES, Vol. V, No. 4 p. 251; suggested rewording of Para. 2:

  1. . - . John Melchior Eller, Sr. (son of Jacob, the immigrant) married Susannah (Susanna) Eller on 9 Oct. 1782. She was the daughter of Christian Eller. According to his pension application, John Melchior Eller, Sr. was a Revolutionary War soldier enlisting in the company of General Lincoln where he served until the end of the war. He is shown in the federal census at Rowan Co. in 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830. The 1840 census is mutilated and unread able. He left no will.

    (John Melcher Jr. was married 4 times.)

    Eliminate the 4 listings under "His Children" - See explanations below."

The suggested changes above and that which follows are efforts to clarify the existence of 4 different John Melchior Eller's in early Rowan County, NC.

Casper Eller's son Jacob (last wife Barbary- Hook's Book p. 2) had a son John Melchior Eller ( designated Sr. or 1) This John Melchior Sr. married Savannah Eller (daughter of Christian Eller.) They had a son ( designated II or Jr.) He was the one who was married 4 times ( para. 2 above.)

(Hook's Book, p. 426: "John Eller ... gave his plantation to his sister Susannah and her, husband John Eller...and gave ... a legacy... to John Eller, son of John Melcher Eller." In this record, Susannah's husband's full name was John Melchior Eller, Sr. (son of Jacob, Eller). The legacy to John went to their son, John Melchior Eller, Jr.

The above John Melker Eller, Jr. mentions these children in his will of 1841 (Will Book I, pp. 90-92, 27 Jul 1825, probated Feb 1841): Jacob, Motlene, David, Christena m. George Kesler, Elizabeth Eller m. Christian Kesler, John."

[See full text of will below]

Casper, Eller had a son also named John Melchior Eller who was a brother of Jacob Eller, father of the John Melchior Eller, Sr. mentioned in the above paragraphs. This John Melchior Eller also had a son named John Melchior and thus in this family we find another set of John Melchior Ellers that can be designated as Sr. or Jr. (or I and II )

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This John Melchior Eller I or Sr. took up land in Rowan County in 1764 and married Elizabeth Goettge (sister to Eva, wife of Jacob Eller). Their children were: Conrod, Caleb, Jacob and John Melker Jr. ( or II).

[Eds. Peggy is grappling with the most difficult genealogical problem to be found in Eller genealogy because no where else in the U.S. do we find so many mid-1700 Eller immigrant descendants congregated in one locality for over 200 years and using the same given names in so many successive generations.

This report by Peggy and her other report (Vol. III, No. 3, pp. 49-67) reveal the complexities of early Eller genealogy in Rowan County and explains why James W. Hook gave up trying to sort out the various family lines and left only unpublished notes an the subject.

Peggy Troutman, Doris Eller Jordan, Pat Beck, Vance Eller, Mrs. Oscar File and others who have joined the battle to sort out the Rowan County Ellers are making progress and new data, like the above, are coming to light.]


Ltr. dated 21 Apr. 1992 from Kay Black, 3001 Berkeley St., Bakersfield, CA 93305. I am searching for information on Hugh Montgomery whose daughter, Jane Rebecca m. John Cleveland Eller. John C. Eller was son of Simeon Eller and Fanny McNeil. Jane Rebecca was b. 1827 in Wilkes Co., NC. I have found a Hugh Montgomery who d. 1779 and perhaps he is the father of the Hugh Montagomery who was father of Jane Rebecca Eller. Information on following families will also be appreciated: Montgomery, Joseph Rash, Simeon Kerns, Conrad Dicks, Robert Coats, George Shepard, Joseph Fisher, Joseph Covert. [Eds. the John C. Eller and Jane Rebecca Eller are the subject of the report from Byron H. Eller in this issue who, like Kay Black, is a gt. Gr. grand child of this couple.]

ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 117

by Paul E. Hubble, The Eller Chronicles, Vol. VI, No. 1 pp. 54-65, May. 1992:

Excerpts from letter dated 31 Mar. 1992, from George F. McNeil, Rt. 3, Box 27, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.

... In the February 1992 issue there are a few errors in fact and in the spelling of Wilkes County locations...
  1. ) The community in Wilkes County where John and Savannah Kerns Eller lived and died is "Purlear." I notice it is spelled Purlears an P. 44 and Parlears on page 72. Although the community was named for a family who spelled their name Parlier, the name of the community has always been spelled Purlear. The post office is spelled Purlear...

  2. ) The historical marker designating the site of the infamous Fort Hamby is on highway NC-268 a few miles west of Wilkesboro. There is no highway 52 in the area mentioned on page 54.

  3. ) Present-day highway US-421 is known as the "The Boone Trail." Prior to the use of federal highway numbers, the road was NC-60. The original US-421 followed reasonably closely the route of old 60, but in some places the modern highway US-421 has been relocated three times since 1940. Anyway, NC-60 was the first modern Boone Trail. It no longer exists by that designation, and US-421 is now the Boone Trail. Again, there is no highway 52 in the area, as mentioned on p. 54.

Actually, Professor Hubbel could be more accurate than the people who named the highways, when he calls the road on which Fort Hamby historical marker is located the Boone Trail. Highway NC-268, on which the Fort Hamby historical marker is located, is on the south side of the Yadkin River. Daniel Boone's cabin is said to have been on the south side of the river. As late as the Civil War, the best road leading west from Wilkesboro was an the south side of the river, and crossed to the north side at Holman's Ford, which was not far from the site of Fort Hamby. So the trail that Daniel Boone traveled could very easily have been near the old location of old NC-268... When the Kerr Scott Dam was built... the Fort Hamby marker was moved, and the old bridge at Holman's Ford was destroyed... so today there is no way to get from the historical market, to the location of Fort Hamby except by boat. Today, one would get to the Fort Hamby site from US421.

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Jean Oliver (Mrs. Philip M.)
P.O. Box 81, Orrington, ME 04474

Letter, Dated 8 April 1991: "Recently I have gotten interested in searching through records for my ancestors. The enclosed article started the whole thing along with being in Indiana where my husband does consulting work for the Governor of Indiana. While my husband worked I spent hours at the Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library... I have sent my check to join the EFA in hopes that I might establish a direct line of communication... George H. Eller is my great-grandmother's father. My dilemma is that I found various George Eller's mentioned but could not pin point one that said George "H.", or if he is the George Eller connected to the Leonard Eller family. I am looking forward to the May issue of the Eller Chronicles."

[Eds. We welcome Jean to the EFA and hope readers of the Chronicles will be able to help her in her search for her George H Eller. All who do Eller research know her problem well --too many Ellers with the same given names such as George, Jacob, Henry etc. Jean's problem is the same as Winnie Green who has a George Eller story also in this issue. We hope Jean will send us more on the Ellers of Indiana.]

Mr. And Mrs. Robert D. Emrick are today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Due to a fall in her home last June in which Mrs. Emrick suffered a fractured hip, they are observing the occasion at home in a quiet way.

Mrs. Emrick is the former Luzerba T. Farmer, whose grandfather, George H. Eller was one of the first settlers in Hamilton county, Indiana. Her mother, the oldest daughter of several children, helped her father fight Indians where they built their log cabin home on White river. As the years passed the Eller reunion was held in the early fall each year and as it continued to grow in attendance, Mr. Eller developed a park on the bank of the fiver, known as Ben Hur Park. It was in this park, at the annual Eller reunion that the wedding of Miss Farmer and Mr. Emrick took place on September 22, 1897

[the text was badly faded and hard to read, I am not at all sure I have her name right {ADE}]

---- MBER 22 1947

Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary

Mr. And Mrs. Robert D. Emrick, above, are today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

The Emricks have been popular residents of Elkins since coming here from Grafton, especially among the young people. Mr. Emrick general secretary of the local YMCA, comes in contact with the youth of the city as possibly no one else in Elkins, He and Mrs. Emrick have also taught classes in the First Methodist Sunday School.

More on Mr. & Mrs Emrick next issue (with better copy of photo) [ADE]

ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 119

From: K. Napp-Zinn , Gyrhofstr. 15 D-W 5000 Koln 41 Germany
30 years ago: seven Eller cousins met at Darmstadt (1962)
From left to right
front row:
ABA-CHD.bIrmgard Eller Napp-Zinn, b. Offenbach 19.3.1899 (mother of EFA member Klaus Napp-Zinn)
ABA.CHB.e Franziska ("Franza”) Eller Rowold, b. Marburg 17.1.1889, d. Oberursel 14.6.1982
ABA.CJa.a Ella Becker, b. Alzey 26.5.1896, d. Darmstadt ca. 1984 (her mother was Juliane Eller Becker)
back row:
ABA.CHE.b Christine ("Tia”) Eller Moerler, b. Wiesbaden 7.7.1895, d. Wiesbaden 14.10.1988
ABA.CHD.a Maria Eller Ruppert, b. Mainz 27.6.1894, d. Darmstadt 20.5.1982
ABA.CHB.f Mathilde ("Tilla") Eller, b. Marburg 15.3.1892, d. Darmstadt Oct. 1981
ABA.CHF.a Auguste ("Uta”) Eller Kolewe, b. Worms 21.2.1898, d. Bensheim ca. 1988
(All city names are in Hassia.)

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(Gr. grandparents of Byron H. Eller, M.D.)

Ltr. dated 26 May. 1992 from Byron:

"... you may remember at the Estes Park conference I made a special plea for any one knowing of a picture or portrait of my Gr. Grandfather, John Cleveland Eller to let let me know... there was no response... last January the answer came in a very unusual and remarkable way... some of my children asked me to take them to the place of my childhood ... in Semi Valley, California where my grandfather, Jesse Franklin Eller, lost his life in a tragic accident... talking in advance of our visit to a distant relative still living there, I learned that Pat Havens, the Semi Valley City Historian, wanted to talk with me... so on Jan. 4, 1992 I met with Pat who took us to the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum of Semi Valley, CA and there on the wall of the 'Colony House' facing us were the large 16" x 24" portraits of a man and woman ... Pat said, 'take them off the wall and read what is written on the back' ...this we did and I immediately recognized my grandmother Eller's handwriting, and read, 'Mr. John C. Eller, father of Mr. Jesse F. Eller, grandfather of Roy, Alvin, and Grace' father was not listed... showing this was written after his death in 1936... right there before my eyes were my great grandparents, John Cleveland and Jane Rebecca Montgomery-Eller... interestingly the portraits of my grandmother's parents, in identical frames, are hanging in another room of this old historical house... enclosed are snapshots: John C. and Jane Rebecca Montgomery... the notation on the back of the portrait of John C. ... the wall in the Colony House where their portraits hang ... exterior of the Colony House with my son Tom and daughter Becky in the foreground.

...... Photographs on following pages

...... Photographs on following pages

From: J. W. Hook, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDANTS OF HIS IN AMERICA, [Reprint], The Eller Family Assoc., 1992, p. 252:

"John Cleveland Eller5, (Simeon,4, John3, Peter2, George Michael1) was born in Wilkes Co., N.C. 6 July 1822; died 12 Nov. 1892 on his farm near Trumbull, Clay County, Nebr. He married, 18 Feb. 1845, Jane Rebecca Montgomery, born Wilkes Co., N.C., 1 July 1827; d. 24 July 1909, at Harvard, Clay Co., Nebr. She was the daughter of Hugh Montgomery. John Cleveland Eller and his wife Jane Rebecca joined the New Hope Baptist Church located some six miles north west of North Wilkesboro, N.C. in 1847 and, thereafter, helped to organize and sustain other churches of the same faith in North Carolina and in Iowa and Nebraska where the family later lived. He was a life long member of the Baptist Missionary Society and a devoted Christian advocate and leader throughout his life. In 1853, with his brother, William Eller,, he removed, by covered wagon, to Jefferson County, Iowa where his brother, Harvey Eller, had settled a year earlier and where his uncle, David Eller had lived since about 1838. He lived in this vacinity until the year 1873 when he moved again to a farm near Trumbull, Clay Co., Nebr. where he lived the remainder of his life.

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Photo of label from back of John Cleveland Eller Portrait Mr. John C. Eller father of Jesse F. Eller grandfather of Roy, Alvin & Grace

ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 121

Inside of Colony House, showing Portraits on wall

In front of Colony House, Strathern Park, Semi Valley Ca: Tom Eller and Becky Eller Murdock, Son and Dau. of Byron H. Eller

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